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Our Technology

JCS BioTech developed BioCair® in Singapore after years of extensive research and collaboration with specialists in microbiology and bacteriology. Researching into the depths of complex micro-contamination and ultrapure energizing of water lead to the development of advanced Bio-nano technology. With the use of Bio-nano technology, BioCair® is able to maintain the mild, non-invasive and natural properties of water with a strong, powerful disinfecting impact on harmful pathogens.


Our team began development of the BC-65 technology by studying how the human body defends itself against bacteria, viruses, fungus and spores. The body uses histamines, neutrophils and a process called Phagocytosis to destroy invading micro-organisms. We didn’t need to re-create the internal killing process the body uses, only the ‘solution’ the body uses to kill the pathogens. 


The BC-65 technology allowed us to create this solution and to stabilise the solution so it can be used for more than 12-months; the BC-65 technology allows us to formulate the solution for specific needs and uses.


The BC-65 solution is safe for humans, fish and animals, but deadly for harmful micro-organisms. BC-65 is non-toxic, it is already found in our bodies and used by our bodies in the fight against invading micro-organisms.


The BC-65 contains a higher ‘concentration’ than we carry in our body each day, this enables the BC-65 solution to kill 99.999% of harmful micro-organisms with a high ‘viral load’ that seek to invade our body.


BC-65 solution is formulated naturally, it is derived from our body’s defence system, but BC-65 is used to kill pathogens before they enter the body, a new line of defence to assist the body in staying healthy.